miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Azure SQL Geo-Replication Change Role Procedure

In the case of one Azure SQL Database gets degraded, if we have configured the Geo-Replication as shown in this post Azure SQL Geo-Replication Configuration, we can change the role of the replicated DB with this procedure and use it as the main DB.

1.  For activating the Secondary DB of the Geo-Replication, go to SQL databases in Ibiza Portal.

     2. Open the Primary DB and go to Geo-Replication

       3. On the Secondary DB, clic the 3 points on the right and select Stop Now

      4. One message appears indicating that the replication will stop and the Secondary DB will be converted in a stand-alone DB, press YES

      5. Using the command Get-AzureSqlDatabaseCopy we can verify the non-replicated status of the DB, it must not return any information.

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